Festive Wish

Festive Wish

When preparing for the holidays, ‘something’ doesn’t fall out of the head (see photo below)

I remember last year during a festive/ some holiday period in Indonesia, becoming ill of one VA, and others being on vacation, had to sit and do orders by myself all day instead of funtime. And I didn’t felt bad about it. Otherwise – I was thankful for these days’ online business opportunities , when you’re in other end of the world, in case of problem you can just grab your laptop in your hands ant solve that problem.

Year has passed, in my minds is still the same – eBay and everything that’s rotating around about eBay. And I’m again thankful. For one more year, that gave freedom to live on your own rules and that, how you want to and plan it

I wish you to be thankful for everything, that you have. Merry Christmas.

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