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More than 13 hours of professional and detailed videos without filling any surveys or other time wasting. It‘s all about new strategies, offshore company creation, virtual assistants, new accounts deleting, old one‘s recreating and other things, that you have to know, if you want to manage your eBay business successfully!


We are providing private consulting services on eBay business issues. In our experience we have many “big thank you” and positive results with smiles in the customers’ faces.

Support (Tickets)

We help to solve difficulties. You want to increase your selling limits, but you don’t know how? You need to call eBay or PayPal and solve problems, but you fail or don’t want to do by yourself? Leave this for us. We guarantee effective ant professional help, if we won’t solve the problem – all amount of money will be refunded!


Questions – Answers

You’re a newbie or a beginner and you want to find out more about eBay’s business? No problem, we will answer to your questions for free!

Communicate live

Maybe a lot of you will agree – virtual connection will never replace real communication. Meet us and discuss about your results and other interesting questions to you!


In these times „digital“ world everything is changing very fast. We are constantly following eBay news and sharing them with you. We won‘t let you fall behind of innovations!

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what others say about us?

Hi, well, I’ve already reviewed the trainings, my head turned around, because the strategy is completely different and there were nuances, that your opinion and what I heard in other trainings are very different from for example.: ******, and I hear from you, that this is full nonsense, the trainings itself is super, everything is short and clear, there were questions at the beginning about updates, but then when you updated lesson, there were no quesions. After reviewing the training, I was saddened why they weren‘t premeturely, because if I‘d been working earlier according to you, so I don‘t have any doubt, that I wouldn‘t be in such a pit now and wouldn‘t run out, that there‘s no sales, everything sound more logical and I hope, that after getting everything fixed according to you, everything will improve and I‘ll be able to enjoy sucess. What else would be interesting to hear is what opportunities we still have with the store, more than everything has been said, even told about VA and about legalisation that else you have to pay extra to hear it. So, everything is really super, there‘s nothing to say bad and I really heard new things with no doubt. I‘m really happy that I found you and that you help so much, thank you very much!!

Samanta Klepackyte

I contribute to Aivaras’ and his courses. Dogs are barking, and caravan goes, I really didn’t had support, that I had in Aivaras’ group, what’s been asked -that’s been answered. I recommend

Karolina Jurgaite

Hi, I was skeptical about your studies, because nowadays everyone is teacher, but I watched accidentally (probably destiny) lesson. I see, that you’re speaking with the evidences without lying. And I want to buy training, but now money is traveling from PayPal to bank account and I would like to start watching, working. Would there be such a possibility? I would transfer on Monday or Tuesday, when money will come.

Karolis Linkevicius

I felt bad, because I thought I was working well and then just started to doubt myself… I can’t tell you how easy it’s that now I know at least reason. So, I wish everyone don’t despair, I wish more optimism and everything will be fine. We still have a chance. Aivaras Milasauskas, THANK YOU VERY MUCH…

Lacuna Blank

Yesterday I started to study Aivaras’ course materials. I changed instantly ****** and sales have jumped interestingly today. Is it coinsidence? Who knows

Laura Virsilaite

Sometimes I ask basic questions where I test myself through practice, but there’s info that I need here and right now. Look, you stabilize my sales process with your advice. It’s fun to know such a mentor.

Vilmantas Paleckas
Hi, when I made changes according to your recommendations, sales increased 10x 😀
Tadas Viciunas

Thanks for super – detailed answer , I didn’t expected that you’ll answer so widely

Renatas Bernotas

I realized that I was in DE market without promotion, so as a start I’m really pleased, not even a month passed and there’s a result. And thank you for your advice and help!!


I love you for your video! 😆💛

Airingas Baikauskis

Our strengths

  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • 'Outside The Box' Thinking
  • Communication
  • Long Term Vision

We are quickly reacting to ongoing changes in market and on eBay platform. We use innovative tools to manage our business, and strive to automate as many daily work processes as possible. We’re always trying to stand out from the majority and find new and original solutions for business.
We’re always communicating with everyone privately and answering to questions. We are looking at everything as a long, difficult, full of challenges, but extremely exciting and rewarding journey.

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Amazon Knowledge

If you join us, you’ll be connected to a closed (just members of courses) group in Facebook, where we share our experience and solve problems together.

my story

In my story you will find out:

  • My journey to eBay
  • My desire to share
  • About who’s going to win from this video course me or you
  • Why this video course is unique and better than others