Money Withdrawal from PayPal

Information is relevant for those, who gets cash in another currency to PP than registered country. For example if you are living in Lithuania (currencies EUR), and the money is in USD. PP rule: only PP’s registered currency may be credited to your bank account. For example: if PP Lithuanian, the withdrawal to the bank account will only be in EUR currency. As a result, if you’ll have money in USD, we’ll pay high conversion fees, because it will convert not a bank, but PP.

Solution 1: We get any VISA card. We tie it to the PP. We call to PP and tell, that we want to place the money in this tied card in the currency that it has in PP. So, for example: if card’ currency EUR, in this case we save, because the conversion will be done by bank and not by PP.

Solution 2: Www.leupay.eu we order VISA card in your preferred currency, for example USD (service is free). When the card is received , we tie it to PP. We’re doing the same call as in solution 1. We make money in USD currency on USD card. With the same card we pay to the supplier. Conversions is no longer exist. We save a lot of money.


*Deposits to the bank don’t have commission fee, withdrawals to the card have commission of 2.5$ from the withdrawal.

**Only a VISA card is available, because PP doesn’t direct directly to any other cards.

***When called to PP, they’ll immediately understand and change the currency, you shouldn’t be afraid of the call

****leopay.eu is everything simple and clearly written. That’s why questions shouldn’t rise.

***** If you have the questions about what is written, before commenting – read second time, if there are still questions – read third time. If there are still questions, ask us