eBay & PayPal Problems Support Service

If eBay/PayPal problem(ticket) is not resolved, we will refund you a full amount.

Please find the instruction below how to correctly submit the eBay/PayPal support ticket:

  • First of all, the payment has to be made first and only after that all the necessary information submitted
  • All tickets will be in processing in 12-48 hours after received all needed information
  • The status of ticket and messages for needed additional information can be found after clicking on menu-> ‘My Tickets’. Also, you will receive this information via e-mail
  • If some extra details are needed, we will contact you after payment. Please leave you contact information 
  • Your details will be visible only to our team
  • Information which is needed to solve your problem:
    • Full name which is registered on your eBay account
    • eBay account username
    • eBay account email
    • eBay account full registration address
    • eBay account registered phone number
    • Your date of birth
    • Date when was the last time when your limits were increased (if service – limits increase)
    • PayPal account email (to identify the payment)
    • PayPal account full name (if ticket is for PayPal problem)
    • PayPal account registration address
    • PayPal account linked credit card or bank account last 4 digits
    • PayPal account phone number
    • Your contact information (facebook or mobile no. or email and etc)
    • The full description of situation what happened (as many details as possible like tracking no., item no., various screenshots, context, situation explanation and etc.)